• Modding contest «Design the future» announced

    12Modding contest «Design the future» announced
    Welcome to the future! What will the world of transportation look like in the year 2050? About this topic, we organize a big modding contest to honor the commitment of the modding community. Contributions will be awarded with attractive prizes with a total value of more than 5’000 Euro. The exact …

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  • Usability patch released

    37Usability patch released
    We are super happy to officially release the long-awaited usability patch today! This major patch brings a long list of usability and user interface improvements, more stability on Mac computers, better performance, new languages, many bug fixes, and several new features. New features include the replace-vehicles-now …

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  • More info on the upcoming usability patch

    47More info on the upcoming usability patch
    We are aware that everybody highly awaits the upcoming usability patch. We are working very hard to allow for a release as soon as possible. If everything goes according to plan, we can officially release the patch before the end of March. The patch will …

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  • Usability patch announced

    74Usability patch announced
    We are incredibly happy that Transport Fever was received so well and that the game is still very popular on Steam and similar platforms. Every day thousands of players enjoy the game, and several new mods are added daily to the Steam Workshop. …

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  • Official wiki and mod specification released

    23Official wiki and mod specification released
    Today the official Transport Fever Wiki and mod specification were released. The >Wiki< gives background information about Transport Fever’s construction features, management options, game world and campaign. Also, there is a beginner’s guide with tips and tricks. Because the Wiki can be extended by the community …

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